gary Young

United Kingdom


To me photography is a poetic language, able to evoke such emotion in the viewer and convey meaning with an immediacy and tangibility that is unmatched. All my photographs are shot on film. I experiment, manipulate and push the boundaries of the medium to discover ways of seeing that are new and unique. My recent work with polaroid plays with a shallow focus and allows you to look at an object with a softness and closeness not possible with the naked eye. I have always been drawn to visual expression, perhaps as a result of being severely dyslexic, but have chosen to let life lead me where it will and it is only recently that I have really invested in my photographic practice. I was a professional musician and then spent 25 years as a director of photography shooting tv commercials, independent feature films and documentaries all dealing with poignant human subject matters. My musicality and poetic cinematography style have both without doubt fed into my photography. It is said to be intimate and painterly, with a deep reverence for both my subjects and the classic medium itself, which still holds such potential for reinvention, even after all these years. I love what Hiroshi Sigamoto said, "At first you should expose yourself to many experiences because you must have a profound experience in life to be an artist."