samantha johnston

United Kingdom


Process is significantly crucial to Samantha’s practice. The mediating process of setting up a staged set or any shoot, from lighting right through to staging the object. To taking the shots and unloading the film to hand process. To hand printing and finally progressing the work to further pieces or organising them into sequences. Fascinated by the medium of film itself, how it is made, how it works, how we use to explain or create art, she brings this into her photography practice. Turning her focus to cinema and relishing in the works of cinema from the works of Alfred Hitchcock, John Cassavetes, Roberto Rossellini and Andrei Tarkovsky. A body of work could last years. All work is shot analogue and developed in her own studio in London. “Something takes over when you are in the darkroom, it becomes your safe place. It is these moments in the darkroom that I really love, there is something very comforting about walking into a darkroom and seeing your enlarger and smelling the chemicals.”