Tom Hanslien

United Kingdom



I am a professional photographer and creative retoucher based in Greenwich, South East London and specialise in creating distinctive images for corporate and small businesses. I have built up over 20 years’ experience and a diverse portfolio shooting with big brands and start-ups alike. I approach each job with a fresh eye and the determination to produce images that you will value, and your customers will connect with. While my photographic style is often natural, my images are highly crafted, an approach underpinned by my work as a high-end creative retoucher. I have extensive post-production experience and have worked closely with advertising and design agencies in London, nationally and worldwide. I am attuned to composition, sensitive to detail and have a naturalistic style. All my image making comes from a synergy between my training in both photography and post-production. My passion for travel not only takes me round the world, it feeds my creativity. I draw inspiration from all I see and share my experiences through photography.